Ravens Fan Sniped Scrolling Through Craigslist For A Good Time In The Middle Of The Game

by 5 months ago

It was a nice little Sunday Funday for your uncle who was spotted trying to buy a good time in the bleachers of the Ravens/Bears game. At first I was surprised that the dude was so openly scrolling for tail, but then I noticed he was wearing a visor, and it all made sense. Visors are Generation X’s way of saying ‘I have a retirement plan and take blood pressure medication that I supplement with looking for hookers with my pal Daryl at a football game.’ A guy willing to expose the top of his head is willing to do so below the belt, too. It would almost be more newsworthy if Uncle Visor was scrolling through his E-Trade account rather than sex workers.

Important to note: no wedding ring on that finger.


Let that freak flag fly.


…actually dude, that looks like the writing of an 8th grader who is looking for attention in her AIM profile. Steer clear, creep.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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