Tennis Anyone? We’re Serving Up Five Aces in This Week’s Hottie Index

Lindsey Vonn
It takes a lot for a skier to be relevant enough for the Hottie Index in a non-Olympic year. We’re still a year away from the Winter Games in Sochi, but Vonn is making headlines by mixing it up with another professional athlete. It appears as if Tiger Woods is putting from Vonn’s rough these days. As J.Camm pointed out earlier this week, “A man does not have his private jet stop in Salzburg to see a ‘friend.’” Tiger needs to do something to get his mojo back because he hasn’t won a major since 2008.

[photo via SI]

Chelsey Grbcic
Being a wealthy professional comes with a lot of perks, one of which should be a smoking hot WAG. We’re looking at you Roger Federer. The best tennis player ever shouldn’t have a dog for a wife. Bernard Tomic is only ranked 43rd in the world and he’s pulling better tail than you? Grbcic is Tomic’s new plaything and also a former Miss Croatia Gold Coast. Is it a coincidence that Tomic won his first ATP tour title last week? Grbcic probably isn’t going anywhere soon.

[photo via Yahoo]

Megan Fox
If you were worried Megan Fox wouldn’t look good after going through a pregnancy, then we’re happy to point you towards her appearance in February’s version of “Esquire.” It’s been about four months since she gave birth, so let this be a lesson to your future baby mama’s that they can get rid of all of that baby weight this quickly if they try hard enough. Being a father is probably great, but still wanting to bang the mother of your child after she’s given birth is very appealing too.

[photo via Esquire]

Maria Sharapova (photo above)
Would you buy one brand of candy over another because one of the best looking and most successful women’s tennis players was endorsing it? I probably wouldn’t unless you told me this candy tasted like Maria Sharapova’s muff. (Some guys like diving for clams and some don’t.) Sharapvoa is pedaling her candy line this week because it coincides with the start of the year’s first major. I’m sure she doesn’t eat much of this candy or else she wouldn’t look like she does.

Eva Longoria
With both Desparate Housewives and Tony Parker in her rearview mirror, Longoria is moving on to bigger and better things. Or not quite. She hasn’t been in any movie worth seeing and she hasn’t found in the last year. (Although her breaking up with Mark Sanchez and the Jets downward spiral did seem to coincide this year.) She is, however, showing up to the Golden Globes with her nipple sticking out. And that’s never a bad thing.