Shauna Coxsey Is One Of The Most Badass Rock Climbers In The World, She Also Looks Fine AF In Spandex

I first stumbled onto Shauna Coxsey the other day in a GIF on Twitter. From there I went down a glorious rabbit hole, learning all about this chick from the UK who is one of the most talented rock climbers in the world, and who can pull off rock climbing maneuvers that make you question life, the universe, everything.

Seriously, this chick’s operating on a whole different planet, and while I want you to check out all of her Instagram videos and pics below I figured today we could start with this crazy AF GIF showing one of Shauna Coxsey’s workouts (for a list of her climbing accomplishments you can check out her Wiki page). For one moment here I want you to imagine yourself attempting this:

Here’s video of that exercise, if you want to see it in full form:

And now let’s get to the very best of Shauna Coxsey’s Instagram, the reason all of you bros are here today:

We can keep going with these all day but I think you bros get the point, and that point is this: Shauna Coxsey is a FAR more talented and gifted athlete than you’ll ever be, and she’s a total badass. My only regret here is that she’s not American and I won’t be able to root for her on the International stage. To keep up with the latest from Shauna you can follow her on Instagram by following any of those links above and/or you can CLICK HERE to head on over to her website!

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