Busty Singer Jess Greenberg Is BACK And Looks Like STRAIGHT FIRE In A Tight Latex Bodysuit

by 3 years ago

It’s been almost one year to the day since we last heard from our favorite YouTube cover singer Jess Greenberg. Many times over the past 12 months we’ve asked ourselves, “I wonder what happened to her?”

As you can see above, she’s still doing her thing, same as always. Tiny black tank top and a cover song. This time she went The Black Keys route and did a little cover of “Howlin’ For You.”

But wait, there’s so much more! Since it had been a year I got to thinking that maybe there was some explanation for her her absence on her Instagram account. There wasn’t, but there were these photos of Greenberg from Halloween last year in a sexy, tight black latex bodysuit that whoa, are WAY better than her black tank top.

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