A Nation Waits: Did Tony Danza Give Kate Upton the Flu When He Puked on a Plane?

Yesterday Tony Danza puked all over the first-class section of a New York to LA flight. Kate Upton was pretty much seated next to him. Come on, Tony Danza. Why are you flying when you're SICK, bro? via the New York Post:

While the flu epidemic has most Americans bathing in Purel and clamoring for vaccines, Tony Danza freaked out several passengers, including Kate Upton, in first class aboard an American Airlines flight to New York from Los Angeles this weekend. Danza was spotted vomiting into a paper bag during the flight, which unnerved passengers sitting nearby. A source told us that Danza explained he caught the flu “from his grandson or something.” Some passengers then scurried to switch seats, as to not catch his germs, though Upton stayed put. “I feel bad for him, but stay home if you are sick,” said one fellow flier. A friend of Danza confirmed he had a “24-hour stomach bug” but is “doing much better.”

Fun fact: Kate Upton was born on June 10, 1992. That's 46 days AFTER the last episode of 'Who's the Boss' aired on April 25, 1992. 

Feeling old, yet?

[H/T: Uproxx]

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