Hot Ukrainian Swimmer Does Striptease At Olympics, Challenges Michelle Jenneke For Sexiest Pre-Event Routine

We all know that tantalizing Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke puts on a tremendous show while she competes as well as in her sexy and bouncy warmups. However, a titillating newcomer may threaten the mesmerizing Michelle for the title of “Sexiest Olympic Pre-Event Routine.” And her name is Anna Voloshyna.

Anna hails from the Ukraine and is a synchronized swimmer competing in the Rio Olympics.

She’s a very talented synchronized swimmer as you can see from the photos below.

Because of her talents, she has won many medals, including four bronzes at the World Championships.

Oh, and the captivating Anna ain’t too hard on the eyes either.

On Saturday, the alluring Anna did a titillating striptease before she hit the water.

Anna has never won an Olympic medal, but I would be so bold to say that she deserves Olympic gold for her enthusiastic disrobing.