‘Amazing Spiderman 2’ comic con teaser debuts Electro

Jamie Foxx has been leaking secrets about Electro in Amazing Spiderman 2 for months. Now we finally see him in action in a teaser for the Amazing Spiderman 2 setup at comic con, and it’s electric.

Possible spoilers if you haven’t read anything about the movie yet…


Are you sure?


Electro is a pathetic, misunderstood genius. Spiderman says something nice to him. Electro then thinks he’s Spidey’s partner. Things go wrong. Electro gets pissed and goes all super-villain on everyone.

That’s pretty much the AC and DC of it. Seems like a decent enough plot to me, especially with an actor as incredible as Jamie Foxx running the show. We’ll undoubtedly learn more as we get into comic con weekend.

Entertainment Weekly...obviously.

Entertainment Weekly…obviously.