Apple really is building an iWatch, apparently

Apple’s next big step is apparently going to be putting a Nano on a wrist-strap and calling it an iWatch.



Really, guys?

If you want to get an idea of just how functional the iWatch is… well, nobody really knows. What we do know is that apparently Apple has 100 product designers on the clock for this thing, which means it’s gone from idea to product in record time.

If I sound a little skeptical of the iWatch, it’s for two reasons. First of all, battery life is a concern; if you have to charge this thing every damn day, something Apple is desperate to avoid, then it’s effectively useless.

Secondly… what’s the actual function of this thing? The iPhone redefined cell phones and made computers in your pocket a simple fact of life. The iPad did what no other PC manufacturer could do and made tablets appealing, and is in the process of making the tablet the standard for portable, personal computing.

The iWatch will, uh, well… what precisely? Put email alerts on your wrist? Let you read texts without taking out your phone? Not that there isn’t genuine functionality there, but realistically, how much do you really want a watch that beeps at you about Facebook updates constantly?

Don’t get me wrong, the iWatch will move a lot of units. But it’s not going to be a revolution.

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