Be a bootlegger with this fully camouflaged homemade distillation kit

If you’ve ever wanted to make alcohol at home but are terrified of getting busted by Johnny Law, you may want to check out Francesco Morackini’s Prohibition kit. It includes all of the necessary parts, but it’s completely camouflaged. Urban camouflaged that is. Each part resembles a household item close enough that no one will expect that you’re a bootlegger before you assemble them. “Receiver, Bunsen, Cooler, Manifold. By your powers combined, I am Captain Hooch!” But remember, bathtub spirits are illegal for good reason. If you don’t eliminate enough of the ethyl acetate, ethyl lactate, and fusel oils, you really could go blind. Plus, Morachini is a designer, not an inventor, so you can’t actually by the homemade still.

Link via Neatorama