This Camel Is Tired Of Hearing People Say ‘Hump Day’ And He’s Taken Vigilante Justice Into His Own Hands

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One can only imagine how insufferable life as a camel must have been ever since Geico released their awful ‘hump day’ commercial. I haven’t been to a zoo in a few years, but I imagine every single camel exhibit worldwide is full of chubby-fingered little brats slapping on the glass screaming ‘hump day’.

Fact: the phrase ‘hump day’ should be tossed out forever. It’s awful, and if you use it you should be ashamed of yourself.

This camel f*cking HATES that phrase so much he decided to roll on up on this car and show these little b*tches who’s boss….

‘Oh really? It’s hump day mother f*cker? Yah, how about I just take your food and leave you here sitting like a little beeeeoootttchhhhh. Hump day that, you tool’…is what the camel would have said if he could talk.

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