This Canadian Newscaster’s Reaction To FHRITP Makes It Funny All Over Again


Of COURSE a Canadian reporter would have the most polite and friendly reaction we’ve seen yet to FHRITP being screamed during a live interview.

Here we have a Canadian reporter in Scotland reporting on the Scottish Freedom Referendum (is that what it’s called or did I just make that up?), when a local Scot comes by and drops ye old ‘F-ck her right in the p-ssy.’ We thought maybe this fad had passed when famous Jameis busted it out last week and drew national attention, but this reporter takes it in stride with the aplomb only a Canadian could exhibit.

Watch it and tell me it’s not the nicest reaction imaginable, and that somehow FHRITP is funny all over again, I dare you.


It’s funny again, right? She saved it with her Canadian charm?

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