The City Scramble: How moving makes everyone much hotter

Moving image by Shutterstock

Remember Quin, the girl who snapped at a guy for breaking up with her over text message while the whole Internet called her crazy? She’s now doing a regular advice column here at Guyism because you love her so. Today she tackles how moving to a new city or changing jobs can open up new and exciting relationships.

A close girlfriend recently moved away. DC is a transient city, and it’s not surprising that many people leave after a few years. The cost of living is absurdly high, it’s great for dating but terrible for relationships, and if you’re in a non-profit or on the Hill, you probably don’t make enough to store up any real savings.

In other words, it’s is not for the faint of heart, particularly regarding women looking to settle down.

She’d been here the better part of her 20s, and despite having a healthy romantic life full of non-compatibles, non-interesteds, and just plain non-viables, she was suddenly struck with the fact that she may never again date someone in this city. Queue panic mode. No more embassy reception dates. No more snowquester snuggle buddies. No more government shutdown furloughed lovers.

Her solution was to start dating aggressively in the last few months remaining, leaving a slew of confused and besotted suitors in her wake. She was suddenly emboldened by the concept of never having an awkward run-in with these people again.

She was now dating people she’d never even looked at before her move date was set, and that kind of openness to new experiences was introducing her to a whole other set of men: non-assholes.

Time will tell how legitimate her last-minute relationship formation will be, particularly when such a fledgling situation is subjected to long distance and the holidays. Significant changes like a move or job switch shine a new light on everyone, but it’s important to consider that potential no matter where you are in life.