Watch a crazy person drive up to a tornado so he can take a selfie

tornado selfie

Either this video of a guy driving out to a tornado to take a selfie is the greatest, dumbest, most insane selfie ever taken or it’s the fakest thing ever faked, but done really damn well.

Of course, as is always the case, people are calling this fake. Personally I think it could be, but then again, people are idiots.

One commenter on YouTube says it’s real… “All the people claiming this is fake obviously have zero experience being in the desert and are proudly showcasing their ignorance by shouting ‘fake!’ Go to the desert on a hot summer day and you’ll see tons of these dust devils. Some of them get pretty big–I’ve been in one like this before.”

Watch, be amazed, and decide…

Real or fake, it does make a great GIF…

Good job, whoever you are.

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Thanks to Terry Tufferson for the tip.

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