‘Full House’ reunion photo proves Aunt Becky still hot, Kimmy Gibbler still irritating as hell

Candace Cameron Bure (which will never not sound like the Prince song Raspberry Beret in my head) is dancing well and looking phenomenal on the latest season of Dancing With the Stars.

Cameron took a moment from rehearsing to pretend that former Full House cast mates Lori Loughlin and Andrea Barber randomly stopped by the studio to cheer her on. Let’s be honest, both are probably BEGGING to get a shot to dance for the mirror ball. Loughlin doesn’t need the money, she’s married to fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli. He’s the creator of the Mossimo brand of clothes you wore back in 1993. Barber hasn’t been doing much so she’d probably take a gig AS the mirror ball trophy just to get on TV.

Anyway, the three Housers took a photo with Mark Ballas and while we’re thankfully the duck face might have finally disappeared from our world, the scissors peace sign is getting just as annoying. At least Loughlin is doing it correctly. It’s just like Kimmy Gibbler to half-ass it.

Is she going to cut an invisible string? Maybe she’s signaling how many dollars she’s got left in her bank account?

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