10 funny jokes about dating every guy can relate to

Dating is a funny thing.

Dating is the initial part of human mating process. Not counting drunk hookups or Tinder. Dating SHOULD be simple — two people meet with the aim of each assessing a man or woman’s suitability as a partner. It’s like a job interview for sex and eventually a joint bank account. Dating is amusing enough that thousands of funny jokes have been written about the subject.

Most funny jokes about dating are soaked with truth — the gold-digger girl, the clueless dude, the relationship that’s doomed from the start yet the pair continue on for no reason. That’s what makes funny jokes about dating so humorous. Our stupidity as humans in the arena of dating in hilarious.

While thumbing through a copy of a The Everything Big Book of Jokes, more than a few dating jokes pulled a laugh from our typically humorless lives. We took the ten funny jokes about dating we liked best and put them to photos.

10 funny jokes about dating every guy can relate to


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