Behold the greatest water balloon invention of all time

by 6 years ago

bunch o balloons

Water balloon fights are the best, but you know what sucks about them? Filling the goddamn balloons. But thanks to this invention you can now fill 100 water balloons in just one minute. That’s right.

Bunch O Balloons lets you attach 37 balloons to one garden hose all at once. Enough to turn you into the only Superpower in your water balloon war.

The way it works is that the uninflated balloons have been pulled over 37 straws. Around the neck of each balloon is a tiny, tight rubber band securing the balloon onto the straw. The straws feed into a single head that can be attached to a hose for filling. This allows for all of the balloons to simultaneously fill with water. You can then stop the hose and shake the balloons gently to release them into your arsenal.

Right now it’s just in the Kickstarter stage, but if someone can raise thousands for damn potato salad, this thing ought to make it’s goal in no time.

H/T Ars Technica via io9

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