Hangover Salvation: 5 reasons to not be hungover on Christmas


The reality is that most of us aren’t 21 anymore, and though we may want to drink like we’re still 21, hangovers have become a grim reality. Enter ‘Hangover Salvation,’ a new startup from a group of ‘self proclaimed alcoholics’ who are looking to change the drinking game forever. Through their special blend of witchcraft and wizardry (vitamins, minerals, and extracts) they’re seeking to exterminate hangovers forever. Thankfully for you all they’re running a Christmas campaign, and with every purchase of 2 or 5 boxes of Hangover Salvation you’ll also receive their Christmas package which includes: 1 foam dart blaster, 2 shot glasses, and a whole boat load of stickers. Head on over HERE to make a purchase and to get more info on Hangover Salvation.

So here’s 5 reasons you truly do not want to be hungover on Christmas.



Naps will be useless and ineffective.


Everything you eat will taste like rabbit food.



No amount of Gatorade in the world will quench your thirst.



Regrettable decisions will be made, and regrettable things will be said.



‘Hair of the dog’ won’t work when the dog won’t comply.


And make sure to go pick up some Hangover Salvation so you never feel the ghastly effects of a hangover again!

This post is sponsored by Hangover Salvation.