7 incredible hot sauces you’ve never heard of

Best Hot Sauces

skinnylegsandall, Flickr

Hot sauce is one of the best condiments ever. Got a bland dish and need to add some flavor? Bam! Hot sauce. But not every one is alike. Some are weak and tasteless while others are tongue-crippling hot without any actual flavor. Here are some hot sauces that are less universal than brands like Tabasco or Frank’s Red, but just as, if not more delicious. What’s your favorite hot sauce of all-time?

Photo credit: skinnylegsandall, Flickr

7 Gringo Bandito

What’s in it? – Vinegar, habaneros, jalapenos, Red Japanese chilis, etc.

Why is it so good? – Made by a company run by the front man of The Offspring, Dexter Holland, its thick consistency, orange hue, a pleasant hurt will make your eyes and taste buds pop. Plus, it’s insanely good for Mexican food.

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6 Ass Kickin’ Original

What’s in it? – Habaneros, serranos, tomato paste, vinegar, onion, garlic, etc.

Why is it so good? – The rich red color and spicy pepper seeds make this a beautiful sauce to lovingly pour over all manners of BBQ, Southern food, eggs, sandwiches and more.

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5 Mr. Blister’s Garlic Extreme Hot Sauce

What’s in it? – Mild cayennes, light cane vinegar, sea salt and a ton of minced garlic.

Why is it so good? – If you love garlic then this worship-worthy hot sauce should be ready to go at every meal. It’s not for every food, but if you like pizza, Italian, deli sandwiches, Chinese food or Korean BBQ, then this is the perfect hot sauce for you.

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4 The Hottest Fuckin Sauce

What’s in it? – Habaneros, African oleoresin (a super spicy pepper extract), scotch bonnets, salt, onion, vegetable oil, garlic, etc.

Why is it so good? – As its name suggests, you don’t want to fuck with this sauce. It comes in a tiny bottle and that’s just fine because one dab is good enough for a whole steak or bowl of soup. The flavor will make your mouth water, even as the heat makes it hurt too.

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3 Dinosaur BBQ Garlic Chipotle Pepper Sauce

What’s in it? – Cayennes, chipotles, sugar, vinegar, garlic, habaneros, honey, etc.

Why is it so good? – NY’s Dino BBQ is known for their excellent chicken, ribs, corn bread and BBQ sauces, but they also make an incredible hot sauce. Smoky chipotle, savory garlic and sweet honey make this awesome for BBQ and yet it’s surprisingly versatile with a wide variety of culinary applications from dressing up seafood to enhancing the flavors of Tex-Mex.

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2 PCB Riverbed Sludge Sauce

Riverbed Sludge Sauce

Palatable Pepper Products, Facebook

What’s in it? – Chipotles, habaneros, chocolate, etc.

Why is it so good? – Though this mole-style (pronounced moh-lay) sauce doesn’t exactly taste like chocolate, it’s unique and smoky punch can add a wonderful flavor profile to just about anything. It’s great for Mexican food (as are most mole sauces), but also goes well with mayonnaise-based salads (chicken, tuna, egg), soups, pizza, fried chicken and more.

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Photo credit: Palatable Pepper Products, Facebook

1 Bacon Hot Sauce

What’s in it? – Distilled vinegar, cayennes, New Mexico Chilis, Salt, Natural [Bacon] Flavor, Etc.

Why is it so good? – Goddammit, if you have to ask then you obviously didn’t read the name of the sauce. Yes, this eye-catching, delicious, slightly mouth-burning sauce has the meaty, smoky, salty flavor of bacon in it, bestowing every bite with pure bacon-y deliciousness. This goes great with bacon.

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