Jimmy Kimmel hosts ’50 Shades of Grey’ auditions on the street

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t sure about the casting of Charlie Hunnan and Dakota Johnson in 50 Shades of Grey so he hit the streets to let some random people audition for the roles. I can’t be certain, but it sounded like the husband in the second couple was doing an impression of Kimmel doing an impression of Karl Malone. Strong play.

The women of the world are pissed that badass Charlie Hunnan was cast to instead of Matt Bomer, which essentially means they want to watch Neal Caffrey have sex. Next time you get busted for having a celebrity sex tape on your laptop, just remind her that she signed a government document saying she wanted to watch a particular man bang on camera. That’s right, more than 18,000 women* have signed a Change.org petition to cast Matt Bomer.


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