King Leonidas from ‘300’ is in the next ‘God of War’

Provided that you pre-order God of War: Ascension from GameStop.

The next chapter in the adventures of Kratos arrives next Tuesday. And one particular aspect that’s being heavily pushed is the multiplayer mode, a first for the franchise. So to make things extra special, there’s a very special guest in the form of King Leonidas from 300

But here’s the catch: you have to pre-order the game from GameStop. My favorite place to buy games, and yours I’m sure. I’m being sarcastic, by the way.

Then again, I guess that’s how the place manages to stay afloat, by striking exclusive like this one. Meanwhile, those who pre-order elsewhere will get The Mythological Heroes Pack, which includes Perseus, Orion, Odysseus, and Achilles…

One character vs. four, which sounds like the better deal? King Leonidas, obviously. Seriously, who cares about those B-listers?