I’m Not A Proud Man, And Twenty Bucks Is Twenty Bucks (WTF Craigslist Listing)

Twenty bucks is twenty bucks. Even though it’s 2016 and it’s hard to find anything affordable (five bucks or less) you can still find a metric shit ton of things that cost under twenty bucks. A crisp new $20 bill will get you a pitcher of beer, a single movie ticket, some condoms, or a lap dance at some place off the strip (when the day shift is dancing). So twenty bucks is NOTHING to scoff at. That’s why I’d jump at this opportunity to earn a twenty spot if I lived in Chicago:

Hey, I might be doing okay these days and am able to afford brand name soda for the first time in my adult life, but there was a time when I was drinking that Sierra Mist back in college and the thought of $20 falling into my lap was unbelievable. In fact, back in college if Craigslist was prevalent in Tallahassee I’d probably have been running around town following up on every hot lead like the one below, alas Craigslist wasn’t popular (I didn’t even know it existed back then).

All that said, I’d just like to make mention of a study that I posted here on BroBible yesterday that proved ONCE AND FOR ALL that dogs make better pets than cats (dogs like their owners A LOT more). This is just further proof that cats are miserable pets…is it not?

[imgur via Craigslist]

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