Michael Strahan just became enemy #1 for sports writers

Michael Strahan paternity leave

See, this is what happens people. You get a job on a TV, then ABC hires you for a daytime talk show and then GMA comes running and voila, you became an ignorant a$$hole. This morning, Michael Strahan repeated a line used most often by athletes and former athletes alike. In summary, “you can’t talk about the game if you never played the game.”

Now, in fairness, the issue they’re discussing is serious. In the last few days, Boomer Esiason and Mike Francesa issued brainless comments about paternity leave in regards to Mets second baseman Dale Murphy—who missed the first two games of the year because of the birth of his child.


“Quite frankly, I would have said C-section before the season starts. I need to be at Opening Day. I’m sorry. This is what makes our money. This is how we’re going to live our life. This is going to give my child every opportunity to be a success in life. I’ll be able to afford any college I want to send my kid to because I’m a baseball player.”


“You’re a major league baseball player, you can hire a nurse,” and “Whaddya gonna do, sit there and look at your wife in the hospital bed for two days?”

Like I said, brainless. Not even worth discussing really. But Strahan and his diminutive partner in crime, Kelly Ripa, grabbed the bull by the horns and speared that beast right between the eyes. Then Strahan went off on that incredibly stupid tangent about trick-or-treating?!

“I never listened to the opinion of someone, who, the last time they put on a uniform is when their mom took them trick-or-treating. Like they had never done it at any other level.”

So next time you hear Michael Strahan talk about war, politics, or um, dentistry—yeah, you know what to do.