Would Mr. T serving on a jury be a distraction? Probably

King of Pop Michael Jackson

Mr. T reported for jury duty in his town outside of Chicago.

Real name Lawrence Tureaud, the pop culture icon wore an FBI sweatshirt and hat and left his usual do-rag and gold chains at home, when reporting for his civic duty last week. Mr. T even admitted he contemplated playing hooky but thought better of it.

Mr. T signed autographs and let everyone know he still remembers his own catchphrase. “I pity the criminals today,” Mr. T explained. He’s a potential juror for a trial scheduled for Friday.

So would you want Mr. T on your jury? I say 100% yes. If you win the case, you’ve got an amazing story to tell friends. If you lose, you could appeal on the grounds that Mr. T was a major distraction on the case. Who’s going to argue with Mr. T?

Nobody fool. Nobody.

[via Yahoo! News]

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