Owner shocked to find out what her cat does every day when she’s at work

Cat takes bus

I’ve got a pet. I’ve got no idea what he does all day while I’m at work. 

Nothing in the house is moved, damaged or screwed with. He might not even be home all day either. He might be just like Dodger.

Dodger is a 15-year-old cat who’s not a fan of pawing it around town. So he takes advantage of public transportation.

The ginger moggy, who was named after the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist, has taken to hopping on and off the public transport at the bus station near his home. The 15-year-old Tom even sits on bemused passengers’ laps as the bus makes up to 10 mile round trips from Bridport to Charmouth in Dorset.

Dodger is such a regular customer that some of the drivers take tins of cat food to work with them to give to him. They even know what stop to let him off at.

When his travels are over, Dodger heads back home. Probably makes a drink, reads the paper, begs his wife to get off his back for a god damn second so he can unwind. He’s the one traveling every day to make a better life for this family! The guest room will get painted when he’s f*cking good and ready!

And of course, a woman had to blow Dodger’s creeper cover — “I hadn’t seen him all morning,” the cat’s owner said, “until my daughter Emily told me one of her friends had just seen him on the bus at Charmouth.”

Women always blabbing. Just always blabbing…THEN PAINT THE ROOM YOURSELF AND SHUT UP!

[via Telegraph]

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