‘Planet Hulk’ not happening, says Joss Whedon

The Hulk

Marvel Comics

Way to poop all over my cornflakes, Marvel. Thanks for that. Undeniable fact: The Hulk was the best part of The Avengers. Mark Ruffalo’s not-so-jolly green giant delivered some of the flick’s most unforgettable scenes, and as the only major Marvel hero who hasn’t been able to keep a film franchise running, it was sort of a surprise. So one of the coolest rumors about Avengers 2 and the next wave of Marvel films was that they’d be adapting the Planet Hulk storyline.

To recap, that’s the one where old greenskin gets recognized as the planet-level threat he is by Marvel’s other heroes and shot into outer space towards a peaceful, uninhabited world where he would pose no danger to anybody. Unfortunately, because life isn’t fair, his navigational computer got damaged and he landed on the brutal, warlike world of Sakaar, where he’s forced to fight in gladiatorial combat before breaking free, leading a revolution and becoming King. He then comes back to Earth to smash everybody responsible. It’s an awesome storyline and it would have made a great movie, especially with Marvel turning their gazes cosmic with Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Unfortunately, according to Avengers 2 writer and director Joss Whedon, it’s not happening. Dude did a recent interview with IGN (which you can watch here) and he’s basically saying in no uncertain terms that the rumor is “nonsense.” But think about this – would he confirm a rumor that spoils the ending of his movie? I doubt it, dude. It’s in his best interest to dismiss it out of hand, sweep it under the carpet and then a few years will pass before the movie comes out and everybody will forget about it.

What do you think? Is Planet Hulk happening or is this just another fever dream from the fanboysphere? And what will the Hulk get up to in Avengers 2 if it’s not being shot into space?