The Internet Found A Pic Of This Guy Holding A VR Sex Doll And HOLY HELL He Got Roasted, Photoshopped To Death

For my money there are few things better on the Internet than a good ol’ Photoshop Battle. If you’re not familiar with PSBattles they typically take place when a totally ridiculous photograph hits the Internet for the first time and that photograph has some sort of blank space in it, lending itself very well to Photoshop manipulation.

In the case below the photograph shows a middle-age Japanese man grasping a sex doll during last weekend’s Adult Virtual Reality Festival which took place in Tokyo, Japan. So the premise alone is mildly NSFW even if there’s nothing inherently NSFW about the photograph itself. After this picture hit the web the Photoshoppers got to work and created some truly f’d up gems, and this dude got roasted back into the age of the Samurai. Let’s start off with the original photo of the ridiculously gleeful man holding the sex doll, and below that are all of the photoshopped images (all embedded via Imgur):

The subtle changes to this one are amazing, notice the cartoon characters in the background:

Much more safe for work than some Japanese dude banging a sex doll:

Childhood officially ruined:

Jim from American Pie

I’m not entirely sure why this one was upvoted so many times on Imgur but maybe you’ll figure it out:

The future:

How Skynet and the rise of the machines truly began:

What? Why?

In virtual reality you can be anybody you want to be (also, she’s wearing underwear and he’s wearing pants in that image, I zoomed in super close just to be sure)

His big TV debut:

What? Why? Come on!!!

This one is much more logical than the Trump post:

Don’t act like you’ve never thought about it:

Why they gotta bring Stephy Curry and his Chef Shoes into this????

Last but not least, this one had me chortling like a Japanese schoolgirl for quite some time:

If you want to vote on which one of these Photoshopped images is the best you can do so by logging into Imgur and upvoting the image or you can click on over to Reddit’s PSBattles and upvote your favorite.