Reason this guy won’t win $100,000 will amaze you

Today we learn a very valuable lesson that, “Haste makes you not fill out your bracket correctly, causing you to miss out on $100,00 and making you want to slam your face into a concrete wall.” This morning someone named “Corey” woke up to the harsh realization that his lack of diligence cost him a cool $100,000. Whomever filled out the “Corey’s Championship Bracket” on Yahoo! Sports is currently tied for fourth in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. AWESOME! He failed to pick a winner for the national title game thus missing an opportunity to win $100,000. NOT AWESOME! Quicken will pay $100,000 to the 20 highest-scoring brackets, which will not include good ole Corey. This bad luck chum correctly predicted a Kentucky-UConn national title game, but then didn’t pick a winner. Just one teenie tiny mouse click would have done the trick. I think Corey will pay a bit more attention to things after learning this tough life lesson.