Teen arrested for writing about killing a dinosaur with a gun for school assignment


A teen was arrested for showing a hint of originality and creativity when given a stupid school assignment.

Sixteen-year-old Alex Stone was assigned to write a “fake Facebook status” because that’s the shit they do in school these days. Alex wrote this fake, and the keyword here is FAKE, Facebook status involving a fictional gun and an animal which hasn’t walked the planet in a billion years (give or take).

“I killed my neighbor’s pet dinosaur. I bought the gun to take care of the business.”

The school then called the police who searched Stone’s locker and book bag for a possible firearm. Did they dig up his backyard looking for the carcass of an assassinated T-Rex?

The cops arrested Stone anyway and charged him with disorderly conduct. He was also suspended from school.

Every day I wonder if it’s safer to send my kids out into the street instead of sending them to school.

[via Happy Place]

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