6 unexpected things that may end a relationship

End a Relationship

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Single people often seem to be pining for someone to love and spend their days with. But they may not realize that being part of a couple brings on its own set of issues to deal with. Single people need not worry themselves with these potentially relationship-destroying issues; they can just focus on their normal range of activities, from single-serve microwave meals on Mondays to hedonistic champagne-drenched parties on Saturdays. Let’s take a look at some unexpected things that could end your relationship.

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6 Big spoon vs. little spoon


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Does the woman always have to be the little spoon? Being the big spoon means you’ll surely be getting a face full of Medusa hair and have an entire arm that has everywhere to be and no place to go. And sometimes, guys just want to be held, ya know? Better figure this one out before the nighttime is no longer the right time.

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5 Vegetarian vs. meat-eater


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If one who loves to go meat-ing and their veg partner are in a relationship, they’re likely to run into some problems when choosing a restaurant, even if the veggie is cool with the meat-eater stuffing his or her face with tender animal flesh right in front of their eyes. BBQ joints and backyard pig roasts can be hard on a vegetarian, while quinoa, bulgur wheat and Boca Burgers can enrage even the most open-minded meat-lover.

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4 Male vs. female gender roles

man vs woman

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What if the lady of the relationship makes more money than the guy? Should she be taking him out to dinner?

What if the guy is a better cook and likes to clean and spend time with the kids? Should he be a stay-at-home dad with his wife acting as breadwinner?

What if they disagree? Even if gender isn’t part of your role, take The Rock’s advice and know it.

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3 Sex lover vs. sex meh’er

no sex

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What if the lustier of the two needs a constant stream of sex, while the other is just as happy to eat a tub of ice cream to satisfy their sexual desire? At a point, something’s got to give. And that something that must be given may just be a credit card number to Brazzers, Inc.

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2 Picky eater vs. adventurous eater

unhappy eater

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One is doing the adult equivalent of ordering off the children’s menu by always saying, “I’ll have the chicken,” while the other digs into a sea-urchin topped goose liver pate with a huckleberry demi-glaze. This could cause friction when it comes time to figure out where and what to eat. It won’t end well.

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1 Toilet seat up vs. toilet seat down

woman on toilet picture

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If women don’t want to have to go through the trouble of putting the toilet seat down, then isn’t it also true that guys don’t want to go through the trouble of putting the toilet seat back up? Then again, women sit down on the toilet one hundred percent of the time, while men sit atop their porcelain throne…some amount…less than that… Come to think of it, this may require the use of some pretty complex algorithms to figure out.

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