What’s winning the Internet today (07.10.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Most Tired Movie Scenes

tired movie scenes


Why do movie writers keep using these?
Movie Scenes We Never Want to See Again

Jimmy Fallon’s Instagram

fallon instagram


For Jimmy Fallon, Instagram is simply the best place to play dress up.
Jimmy Fallon’s 10 Funniest Instagram Photos

Typical Mets


Mariya Vinogradova in Lingerie

Mariya Vinogradova


She’s a new contender for sexiest woman from Israel.
Introducing Model Mariya Vinogradova, Who You Need to Know

One Way to Quit Smoking

caged head

Huffington Post

Wow, if this actually works…
Man Cages His Head to Quit Smoking

Sexy MMA Training

Natasha Barnard in Lingerie

natasha barnard


How does 48 sexy pictures sound?
Natasha Barnard Continues Her Lingerie Domination

Honest Trailer: ‘Grown Ups’

grown ups honest trailer

Clip Nation

This trailer is probably funnier than the movie itself.
Honest Trailer: Grown Ups (Video)

Mindi Smith is Back

mindi smith hot

Gorilla Mask

And she might be wearing the best bikini in the world.
Mindi Smith (NSFWish)

Marilyn, Anna Nicole…


More Super Cool Animals

cool animals

The Chive

I dare you not to say, “Awww.”
Animals That Don’t Suck (35 Photos)

Ambyr Childers in Lingerie

Ambyr Childers

SI Extra Mustard

The best reason to watch the new Showtime series Ray Donovan.
SI Hot Clicks

List of Social Media Faux Pas

social media faux pas

MTV Guy Code

For the last time, DON’T DO THESE THINGS.
The Ultimate List of Social Media Faux Pas

MMA Model Amber Nichole Miller

Amber Nichole Miller

Busted Coverage

The UFC just keeps bringing it and bringing it.
MMA Model Amber Nichole Miller Gets Sexy For UFC Calendar [PHOTOS]

Recent Sexy Ads

sexy ads

The Smoking Jacket

More companies need to advertise like this.
The 6 Sexiest Ads in Recent Advertising History

Rachel Bilson Hotness

bilson cosmo


Let your imagination run wild.
Rachel Bilson for Cosmo

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

olivia wilde 4th of july

Total Frat Move

Horny 100-Year-Old Grandma, Best Comedy Insults, Olivia Wilde and more!