This zombie chicken just won’t die and owner doesn’t know what to do

by 5 years ago
Zombie Chicken



If you’re going to kill a chicken make sure it’s dead. DEAD dead.

About a year ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a man’s neighbors decided it was time to kill his chickens. So he took a BB gun and shot each in the head.

The kill shot probably went something like:

He gave two chickens to the man who wrapped them in plastic bags and jammed them in the freezer.

Chickens don’t die. Not that easily.

About a day later, the guy opened his freezer to find a live chicken. The man wrote in a Facebook post that the chicken was “fully alive, very cold, and pissed off.” The man put the chicken in his yard figuring a gun wound to the head would kill it eventually.

The chicken — named Rufina after a Catholic martyr whose faith saved her from a lion — is alive and clucking after over a year. The chicken is blind but produces four to five eggs per week.

Now Rufina is all…

And even sometimes like…

It’s waiting. Waiting to strike. It’s how most zombie chickens work. I don’t have a GIF for that. Yet.

[via Information Nigeria]