Vegan Woman Buys 100-Year-Old Giant Lobster Just To Set Him Free And This Is Truly A Living Dinosaur

A woman in Canada is being praised for ‘rescuing’ a gargantuan lobster weighing 23-POUNDS. The 23-pound lobster, nicknamed ‘King Louis’, is estimated to be over 100 years old. To put that in context, this 23-pound crustacean was likely alive before World War I even started back in July, 1914.

King Louie was caught in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy by lobster fisherman Rodney MacDonald and after Katie Conklin, a vegan from Nova Scotia, got wind of this remarkable catch she forked over a few hundred dollars to purchase the lobster and pay the fisherman to return it to the ocean. Why? Did you not read the part where I said she was vegan?

Here’s what that King of the Sea looked like before he was ‘rescued’ by some Canadian vegan who probably feels so fucking righteous right now for dropping $230 to sent the MacDonalds back out into the bay to release the lobster:

What would I have done? I’d have invited over my five best friends, bought 10 pounds of butter, and then forced those 5 friends to watch me eat 23-pounds of lobster all by myself while laughing in their faces….Not really, I’d have split it, 23-pounds of lobster for one man is just excessive.

I’ll tell you what I’d NEVER do: release that lobster back into the wild like an entitled asshole. Someone spent $230 to release King Louis back into the water!! I’m thinking outside the box here, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, that money could’ve gone towards helping actual human beings suffering from hunger? Children who can’t even get a hot meal? Nope! Let’s pay some fisherman to drop a bug into the frigid ass waters of New Brunswick. That’s the best use of time and money….Vegans are the goddamn worst.

For comparison, this is the largest lobster I’ve ever seen in person. The man at the seafood shop in Chinatown (Manhattan) told me it weighed 15 pounds:

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(h/t @mentalitymag via ABC News)