Watch And Learn From This 91-Year-Old Pothead Grandma Who Cooks Italian Food Using Marijuana

I’m staring to love old people. Sure they use bug spray as perfume and drive a minimum of 10 miles under the speed limit at any given time, but if the Internet is any accurate indication of real life it also means that old people are maaad potheads. First we had a bunch of grandmas doing bong rips for the first time on camera, and now we have this 91-year-old grandma who likes to make chicken cacciatore using marijuana. None of my stoner friends are smart enough to figure out this level of cooking, so maybe it’s time I start hangin’ out around old folks homes to try and absorb some knowledge from our elders…or I could just Google how to do this.

Yeah. I’ll probably just Google it.

[H/T Elite Daily]