Adorable, Drowning Squirrel Given Adorable CPR and Is Adorable Resuscitated

by 5 years ago


I’m probably in the minority here, but I think squirrels are adorable. Most people consider them tree rats, or land pigeons, or trunk trouts and are disgusting. No, they are adorable. Just look at this guy.



Thankfully, pool repairman Rick Gruber, of Phoenix, Arizona, is in the same school as me. When he saw a squirrel which had fallen into a pool he was working on, he fished it out.

The squirrel wasn’t breathing, so Gruber rubbed its rib cage until the animal came back to life. Gruber placed it on a heating pad and stayed with it until it was ready to walk away. He filmed the whole thing and OMG CUTE.

So cute.