Master Sergeant Makes Airman’s Life Hell For Stupid Reason, Gets Revenge By Having Him Dishonorably Discharged



You know the phrase “what goes around, comes around”? Sure your mother probably tried to pound it into your head as a child so that you’d grow up to be a polite, chivalrous gentleman, but besides than being the subject of a zillion children’s stories it’s actually true. Karma may be a bitch, but she’s fair and doesn’t discriminate based on gender, sexuality or race – all she cares about is whether or not you’ve been a doucher.

Redditor Buffyfanatic1 knows this first hand, as she gave the Master Sergeant of her boyfriend’s squadron in the Air Force got a rightful kick in the ass after several years of unjust bullying on his part:

When I was a young airman, an A1C, I was a dating a Staff Sergeant in another squadron. We dated casually, it was nothing serious. It was not against regulations because he was in a different squadron and different field so there was no way he would be put into a position of being my supervisor. For clarification, I was medical and he was in communications.

Well his supervisor, I’ll call him A-Hole MSgt, had started some drama because he did not agree with an SSgt being with an A1C. I told him that while I do respect his opinions, it is not against any regulations so we are free to date. He tried to take it to both commanders of our separate squadrons and they both chose to do nothing about it because it wasn’t against any rules. He then tried to ruin my reputation stating that I was only in the military to find a husband, that I’d have sex with anything that moves, that I’ve even had sex with him. I almost reported it but decided against it because I was young and naive.

Fast forward a few years and I become a Staff Sergeant as well. Well, when I sewed on Staff, his entire demeanor changed around me. He was really nice, messaged me throughout the day, and tried to make amends with me. He invited me and my now husband out to dinner a few times with him and his wife. All was well. Or so I thought.

I got a message from him stating that he has gotten into some trouble with a UCMJ code and wanted me to speak about his character in a good way since we were such great friends now. I originally was going to decline because I do not like getting wrapped up legal proceedings. But after a few days, I agreed.
I told him, in person and not in messages, that I would speak about him in a good way, still not knowing what was going on. Well I found out that he had been caught cheating on his wife with multiple prostitutes over the course of a few years and decided to take that to his commander. In the military cheating is against the UCMJ and if pushed hard enough, you can be kicked out of the military for it.

Well came the day that I would speak on his behalf. I changed my mind and told them what he did a few years ago and how I have every reason to believe that these allegations were true. I walked out and never heard from him again personally. I heard through the grapevine that he had been charged and was dishonorably discharged from the military as well as a deduction in rank.

Tl;dr: don’t fuck with the Air Force.

[Via Reddit]