Stoners Rejoice! America’s First Cannabis Resort Set To Open In Colorado!

Remember a couple months ago we told you that there was an Airbnb called “Bud And Breakfast?” Well some savvy business people have taken marijuana tourism even higher. Introducing CannaCamp, the first resort that embraces and celebrates marijuana in America and maybe even the world.

The 170-acre resort is nestled in Durango, Colorado and proudly offers marijuana-centric activities. Including weed-and-cuisine pairing dinners for when you get the munchies, cannabis-infused massage therapy, cannabis yoga classes and art classes that are of course called “Canvas and Cannabis.” You can even get your learn on with cannabis education classes, cannabis cooking lessons and demonstrations on how to blow glass… Bongs. There are more traditional camp activities like nature hikes, zip lining, mountain biking and rock climbing.

The catch? The resort doesn’t actually offer weed. However there is a concierge on hand to connect guests with local dispensaries that can fulfill their needs properly.

The ranch doesn’t open until July, but is now accepting reservations. The resort offers one, two and three-bedroom cabins which can accommodate up to 40 guests. Smoking is permitted anywhere, but inside the cabins themselves, for safety reasons of course. So how much does a weed extravaganza like this go for? Rates start at $395 per person per night. Sounds pretty high.

So how many of you are going on vacation to clear your mind here?


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