Anna Kendrick Is Single and No One Will Mingle With Her


Anna Kendrick is on the cover of this month’s Elle Magazine. She looks gorgeous as always, and we’ve posted the photos below, but Kendrick shared this jaw-dropping tidbit we must discuss first.

No one has asked her out in ages.

Kendrick, who hasn’t publicly dated since she and Edgar Wright broke up last year, says she hasn’t been hit on since Up in the Air, “honest to God.”

“I’ve never felt like I’ve exactly traded on my looks,” the actress says matter-of-factly. “When I was a teenager, I was an ultralate bloomer, and my mom would say it was a blessing, because it means you never have to wonder if guys are only interested in you because you’ve got boobs. I would have been thrilled if guys were interested in me because of my boobs!”

Okay, wait, what? Up in the Air came out in 2009. That’s five years ago. Sure, she was in a relationship for some of that time, but still! This is one of the greatest shames ever. Why? Why is no one asking out a beautiful, smart, funny woman? I don’t know. The world is weird. Just look at these photos.




I would kill to go out with her. Literally any of you readers. Your life is not worth one date with her. And if you killed me for a date with her, I’d use my last dying breath to tell a jury not to prosecute you.

She’s that great.

[Images via Elle]