Army Ranger Killed Grenade-Wielding Enemy In Iraq With A SPOON! A GODDAMN SPOON!

When you are facing life or death you must use anything and everything possible to your advantage, even if that means using a spoon as a deadly weapon.

Grunt Stuff, a “website dedicated to the men of the U.S. Infantry who have served overseas, those who will serve overseas, and the ladies that support them,” revealed this unbelievable story. The site got a firsthand report from the veteran who made this desperate kill, and his story was allegedly verified by multiple witnesses. The Army Ranger immobilized the terrorist at the Haditha Dam in Iraq using nothing but his MRE (Meals Ready-To-Eat) spoon. That’s right, a spoon.

For now I’m going to leave names out of this because he didn’t want his name out there but I’ve confirmed the story with people that were there and know him so if you do know his name please don’t post it in the comments.

This hard dick mofo may be the only person as of now, to have a confirmed killed with a MRE spoon It’s about time someone put those spoons to good use. Anyways, at the time of this his unit was tasked with assaulting an very strategic point in Iraq. It just so happens the individual mentioned here was attached to a Ranger Battalion during this time.

The story goes something like this. A small group of rangers were ordered to clear a building. As the group of rangers approached this particular building, they were unaware that roughly four hostile combatants wait inside. The rangers stack the door, reach to breach. As they breach and enter the building, they are met with an exchange of gunfire. Without hesitation, they return fire, killing all but one enemy combatant. Although one fighter was alive, it took a few moments for the rangers to realize the hostile was attempting to pull the pin on a live, handheld grenade.

Being only feet away, our ranger buddy’s instincts and training took over. He rushed the enemy, immediately engaging in hand to hand combat. As they wrestle, this ranger can’t seem to get to his knife due to all of his gear being in the way. Again, without hesitation, he reaches for the first solid object he could get his hands on; an MRE spoon!

After grabbing the spoon, he began stabbing the enemy in the neck until he was dead.

As a fearless leader, he’s spoken in the highest regards from the friends of his I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with. It’s stories like these that show the hard times, the ground fighting, and doing what you have to do to survive.

This Ranger’s actions saved the lives of several other men that day. A task many men might brag about. Rather, he remains in the shadows and asks for no glorification. If you know this man, please help him remain anonymous by not tagging, calling or harassing him about it.

What an ingenious and determined soldier.

An MRE Spoon is a brown plastic spoon that is very similar to any ordinary plastic spoon, but is a little thicker, more durable and apparently you can kill terrorists with it.