Guy Searched And Arrested With Pipe Bomb And Drugs Because He Chose The Stupidest Shirt To Wear While Doing Illegal Things

fck cps t-shirt


Always dress for the job you want. Unless that job is “pipe bomb creator” or “drug pusher.” Then it’s best to dress like a banker.

A 27-year-old man was walking through Cologne’s Old Market in Germany with three buddies when a police patrol noticed that he was wearing a shirt that said “FCK CPS” on it. Naturally, this pissed off the cops, and the guy got really nervous when they approached him and his friends. The cops asked to search his bag.

Upon examining his backpack, they discovered a plastic bag with an explosive device and a small amount of synthetic party drugs.Police then decided to search the man’s apartment and found evidence that he had been building a pipe bomb. Further inspection of the bomb found that it was functional and an explosion could have caused “substantial danger for people in the immediate surroundings”.

Good job, putz. You couldn’t have worn a Ziggy t-shirt of something?

He’s no stranger to problems – he’d previously been suspected by police to have been involved with politically motivated violence in 2011. He’s now hanging out in pre-trail detention, probably wearing a whole new outfit.

[via The Local]

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