Artist On Instagram Is Drawing A Dong In A Weird Situation Every Day And It’s Called ‘Daily Dong Doodles’

by 4 years ago


A few weeks ago, a buddy told me about a little-known Instagram account he started following. It’s WEIRD and pretty ridiculous, which is why I feel like I need to share it with BroBible nation. It’s call Daily Dong Doodles and it is exactly what you think it is: New doodles of dongs in various weird portraits, uploaded every day. The artist’s uncanny ability to turn pretty much any day-to-day situation into a pic involving dicks is amazing. It is high art at its greatest, clearly belong in expensive galleries and the living rooms of billionaires. What a visionary.

Humanity, in general, is obsessed with drawing dongs. We draw them on white boards roommates leave for us. We use Nike + technology to map out runs that result in dongs. Meteorologists can’t stop drawing them on live TV. Viral videos have been made that are nothing but girls drawing dicks, dicks, dicks and nothing but dicks. Humanity loves Dong Doodles.

Note that the sketches on Daily Dong Doodles are NSFW (duh… it’s dongs). But they range from idllic and scenic, like a landscape of a dong fly fishing. It might as well be a scene from A River Runs Through It, with dicks.

Some are scenes from far away lands. Others are activity based, like surfing or bowling. Some are accurate descriptions of cross-fitters. Others are salutes to the men and women who keep America safe. And many are pop culture tributes, like a parody of the Snickers commercial, Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones, and Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials.

Artist pic via Shutterstock