This Girl Uses Nike+ To Draw Dicks When She Runs

The older you get, the less free time you have, and the more precious it becomes. Whenever I have a couple hours to kill here and there, I’m always faced with the decision of whether I will force myself to go work out, or whether I can just kick back and draw a couple of dick pics. Dick pics tend to win out 11 out of 10 times, but a genius by the name of Claire, found an innovative way to do both!

Nike+ is some type of running app that maps your run and gives you a bunch of stats. I don’t actually know this because I have never heard of Nike+, but I’m not an idiot, so this is what I’ve surmised. Claire came up with the brilliant idea of using the path that is drawn of her run to draw beautiful pictures… most of which are cocks.

Claire ain’t a one-trick-pony though. Here are some other awesome running doodles –

Middle Finger

Slimer from Ghostbusers

Girl on Stripper Pole

And most impressively, Amish Lady

Her captions are also quite funny! You can read them by following her Tumblr –

I think I might be in love with Claire! She seems to be a “down ass chick” as someone who is annoying might say.

Keep those cocks coming, Claire!