Artist Sends Dick Pics On SnapChat, But Covers Dong With Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

It turns out that most girls don’t appreciate and covet unsolicited dick pics. But one artistic SnapChat user found a novel way to send cock photos that make girls cherish the dong pic.

Snapchat user John Leafey sends dick pics to girls, but he covers up his tallywhacker with your favorite cartoon characters. He’ll get his willie to stand at attention then cover it with the likes of Spongebob, Peter Griffin, Perry the Platypus and yes even innocent Mickey Mouse. Then he includes a punny little message which totally completes the once threatening, now hilarious penis photograph.

Usually I wouldn’t recommend sending a girl a dick pic that will instantly make a chick laugh, but this is a brilliant idea.

“I don’t consider myself to be a good artist, so I have to make up for my lack of artistic ability with creativity,” Leafey told BuzzFeed.

If I was John, I would get the biggest cartoon characters like that orange hairy monster Gossamer from Bugs Bunny to make it seem like a large canvas was needed to conceal the enormous goodness that was behind it.

He has created an Instagram account appropriately titled Mr. Dick Pic and shared his wonderful creations.