30 Tiger Sharks Shredding A Whale To Pieces During A Feeding Frenzy In Australia

This footage showing 30 tiger sharks tearing a whale carcass to shreds off the coast of Western Australia is kind of how I imagine Sherman Klump and the rest of the Klumps from Nutty Professor would be at a KFC/Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat buffet. Just complete bedlam, limbs being torn to shreds left and right in the pursuit of the tastiest bite, and complete disregard for the absolute chaos unfolding around the room.

Taken by Sam and Grant Eastland, a father-son duo on a fishing trip to Australia’s Cape Cuvier, this footage shows just how quickly a squad of tiger sharks can piece of a rotting whale carcass. These sharks aren’t picky, they’re just hungry. The tigers are totally cool with mowing down on an easy meal even if that whale’s been dead for like a week because all meat is created equal in the eyes of a hungry ass tiger shark. As the whale carcass followed the waves towards shore so too did the sharks, and that’s when things got pretty crazy, and thankfully for this one tiger shark the waves came in and it didn’t get stuck on the beach, though it appears that dude was on hand to try and help get the shark back in the water:

Notably missing from this group of hungry tiger sharks is my good friend and favorite twitter follower Chessie the Tiger Shark, a must-follow for any of you bros that care about conservation (or like to laugh, because it’s a hilarious account). And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a massive feeding frenzy of tiger sharks in Western Australia this Summer. Back in May we caught footage of this HUUUUUGE group of sharks going wild.

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(h/t ABC 7 News)