Baby Pig Takes A Quick Poop In News Reporter’s Hand During Live Segment, Reporter (Sort Of Mostly) Handles It

by 3 years ago

Well, she (sort of mostly) handled it the best way she could. As opposed to screaming bloody murder and bashing the pig’s skull in on the wall behind her, our lovely reporter played it off like NBD and managed to refrain from bloody animal slaughter on live television. What a pro. A professional. A woman so enamored with her job that not even the presence of fresh pig shit right under her nose could throw her off.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a…well, we don’t really call that anything other than a “professional,” and I already said that twice. Hmmm…aw fuck it, let’s call her a “hoss” since that’s a fun word.

What a fuckin’ hoss.

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