Badlands National Park Has A Pair Of Big Balls To Defy Donald Trump And Tweet Climate Change Facts

Who knew a National Park could be so punk rock? It takes a big pair of balls to openly defy the President of the United States his first couple days in office. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what South Dakota’s Badlands National Park did yesterday, defying a social media gag order from the President to multiple federal agencies.

These aren’t necessarily political positions as much as they’re scientific proof. Regardless, the tweets were deleted and the Washington Post spoke to a National Park Service official about the bold move from the Badlands:

According to a National Park Service official, who asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record, the tweets are believed to have been posted by a former employee at the park in Interior, S.D., who still had access to the account.

Those tweets “were posted by a former employee who was not currently authorized to use the park’s account,” said the official. “The park was not told to remove the tweets but chose to do so when they realized that their account had been compromised.”

Meanwhile, the reactions from Trump’s foes on Twitter are pretty much what you’d expect

All about those followers:

Meanwhile, the Badlands are as beautiful as ever:

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