Bam Margera Caught Peeing In The Street And Getting Hauled Off By Police During European Trip With His Wife

Bam Margera isn’t doing too hot these days. The former Jackass star has had problems with alcohol in the past, and apparently his stint on VH1’s Family Rehab hasn’t done him much good, as he was recently spotted being carted away by police in Finland after reports surfaced that he had been spotted around Helsinki behaving “erratically.”

According to Daily Mail, Margera was sitting “helplessly” on a city sidewalk and yelling when police helped him stand up and took him away in their van. Earlier in his trip, he was also caught peeing in a park during broad daylight. Police reportedly also visited him on this day, though at the time he was “sitting in a car drinking with friends.”

Bam has been on a downward spiral for quite some time now, as the death of his best friend, Ryan Dunn, back in 2011 led to his current excessive drinking habits.

[H/T Daily Mail]