When Barbara Carpenter Was Asked About Controversial Decorations Of Dead Santa Hanging From Noose, She Gave The Hottest Take Of 2015

A Pennsylvania man ignited a fiery debate in a small community with his very controversial Christmas decorations. The homeowner hung a corpse of Santa Claus from a noose on his porch. The Fayette County man said that this was not a war on Christmas, but rather a shot at the greed and the commercialization of the holiday spirit. Despite his explanation, many local citizens were appalled by the violent Christmas decorations and thought that the disturbing display would traumatize the children. Everybody that is except Barbara Carpenter.

See Barb here, she’s all for the slaughter of Santa, and thinks that children should witness the execution of jolly old Saint Nick. When Barb was asked by WTAE reporter Ashlie Hardway about the macabre decorations, she said the following:

“I thought it was great … people need to stop blowing smoke up their kids ass. They need to be taught the truth from young on: Life sucks, deal with it.”

Can’t say Barb doesn’t keep it 100 with you.

What do you think Barb does in West Virginia? My guess is suicide prevention hotline counselor or high school guidance counselor.

Barb throws out more holiday hot takes:

“It’s all about the money and these businesses getting money. If I’m buying gifts, I’m making someone else richer, and I’m going further in the ditch.”

Barb Economics 101.

We can’t have Barbara Carpenter in the ditch. The world needs her to brighten our days with her intoxicating 6-pack-a-day Pall Mall cigarette laugh.

Thanks to Justin Pail for this gem.