Reader Wants Us To Know The $1,200 Sheepskin Bean Bag Chair He Bought Is Great For Sex

Parker Wool

We get a lot of tips into our inbox every day. Some are good, some are awful, and some are just downright weird.

Chris Illuminati got one today that inspired him enough to write about, and I did too. (This would be a good reminder to tell you to send us tips, all the time).

It was titled “Sex bean bag”

Color me interested. Here’s what reader Mark had to say.

I just bought one of these things. Every bro needs one so I’m doing the world a favor by telling guys about it…

Here’s a pic of what our reader got.

Parker Wool

Damn. That’s a nice bean bag chair. Let’s hear about it.

Our Sheepskin Bean Bags are a contemporary take on the well-loved beanbag. The Parker Wool Bean Bag adds a little bit of fun to the luxury and comfort of natural sheepskin. These shaggy bags are great for the family den, games room or a cozy spot in the sun to read a book.

Shaggy bags! They do look good enough to fuck in. But would you want to? I don’t want to stain a $1,200 chair with all the fowl, viscous byproducts of sex. I mean, woman juices, dude juices, that thing would be ruined within a day if you started having sex in it. I bet the fur on it would get all crisp and hard. That’s a bad way to destroy a chair.

So… Bros? Have any of you bought a $1,200 chair simply for fucking? Let me know.