How To Make ‘Beer Pong Cake Pops’ — Because Everyone Loves Beer Pong And Cake

I wish I could say that I don’t know what a ‘cake pop’ is, and that I’ve never had one before. Alas, I’ve been to no less than three weddings where cake pops were served, and I’m going to just admit now that they’re actually pretty tasty. So what are ‘beer pong cake pops’ and how do you make them?

Well, the production team over at FoodBeast put together that video above. The ‘beer pong cake pop’ tastes the same as every other cake pop, meaning it tastes like cake. What makes the beer pong cake pop unique is the layering and decoration, so the cake pop itself is actually a replica of both pingpong ball and a solo cup, giving it that full beer pong effect.

Everyone loves cake and beer pong, but not necessarily together. I’m not certain I’d want to be munching down on a beer pong cake pop while actually drinking Natty Light and playing pong (if you call it Beirut you should leave the country, NOW). So what exactly goes into the recipe of ‘how to make beer pong cake pops’?


Crumble Cake
Candy Melts (White and Red)
Cake Pop Sticks
Mini Solo Cup Molds (available on Amazon)

Here are some action GIFs of the beer pong cake pops being made:

Shout out to the ‘Boozist‘ for finding and sharing this ‘How to Make Beer Pong Cake Pops’ Recipe!