If You Could Eat This BIG MAC PIZZA Or Have Sex With A Supermodel How Quickly Do You Think You’d Finish…This Pie?

If you were given the choice between laying down with a voluptuous supermodel and getting to know her (in the biblical sense) over and over for several hours OR eating this absofuckinglutely delicious Big Mac Pizza I just have to ask you one question: how long do you think it’d take to spill that McDonald’s Special Sauce on your chinos, bro?

If you’re wondering how a Big Mac Pizza comes into existence then don’t worry, bro, you’ll get your answers. The Big Mac Pizza you see above was created by the mad food scientists over at Food Beast, and in addition to the video you see above they’ve catalogued the process of making this beautiful creation by taking photos every step of the way. You can see the complete process by following that link above, but before you go I want you to check out the high-res pics from their Big Mac Pizza creation:

Apparently this Big Mac Pizza came into existence after the two bros from FoodBeast who made it had a lot of success experimenting with some other fast food creations. They whipped up a Taco Bell Lasagna that looks bomb AF, and they cooked up an In-N-Out Pie (burger pizza) that looks so delicious I want to get in my car and drive straight to the nearest In-N-Out (I live in Florida, it’d be one hell of a road trip).

For more on the Big Mac Pizza CLICK HERE to head on over to Food Beast.